What is Twisted Traction decking made of?

Twisted Traction decking is made of closed-cell chemically cross-linked foams, which are manufactured from polyethylene (PE), ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers (EVA) or a high-tech blended copolymer. The fine cell structure gives minimal water absorption, a high buoyancy rating and excellent chemical resistance.

Why would I need Twisted Traction marine decking?

Twisted Traction decking is a great alternative to carpet, moulded non-skid or teak flooring on all types of marine craft. Made from lightweight closed-cell foam, Twisted Traction decking offers a high level of comfort underfoot, excellent traction in all conditions, whilst being durable, low maintenance and easy to clean.

Can I add my logo to my deck?

Yes! We can custom route your preferred pattern, design or logo into the deck for you. Chat with us about your requirements – we’d love to help you create the boat of your dreams!

How should I look after my Twisted Traction deck?

We recommend cleaning immediately to reduce possible staining, as some materials can stain the decking if not promptly removed, including: mustard, fish hooks left to rust, fish blood, bird droppings.

Have a bottle of approved cleaner on hand to use when needed. For more details on how to clean Twisted Traction decking, check our Warranty & Care document.

Reducing longer term exposure to the elements when not in use, such as storing your boat in a garage or under a cover, will help extend the life of your decking and reduce color fade. Inflatable pool toys or water bottles stored long-term on Twisted Traction decking, or placing decking near reflective surfaces or beneath glass can be destructive to the decking, as these objects can refract/reflect light.

Please see the attached Twisted Traction Warranty and Care Document

How long does Twisted Traction decking last?

If it is well looked after, Twisted Traction decking can last for 8+ years.

What’s the best way to apply Twisted Traction decking to small areas?

Small packs of Twisted Traction decking are available at our online shop. There are a variety of sizes in different color combinations, all with a 3M marine-grade Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) on the back, for easy peel n stick application. If you can’t find what you need, give us a call, and we can cut something to suit.

How long does it take to fit a deck?

Turnaround time depends on the size and complexity of your boat’s deck, and leadtime can vary depending on demand. Please give us a call to discuss your specific requirements, and we’ll give you an estimate.

Does Twisted Traction decking get hot?

In direct sunlight, the flooring will warm up, especially if a dark color. However, Twisted Traction decking does not become too hot to stand on.


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